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Facemark : Facial Landmark Detection using OpenCV

In this tutorial, we will learn about facial landmark detection using OpenCV with no external dependencies. I have written several posts about Facial Landmark Detection and its applications. You can use landmark detection for face morphing, face averaging and face swapping. Until now, we had used the landmark detection that comes with Dlib. It works […]

Keras Tutorial : Fine-tuning using pre-trained models

This is the third post on using pre-trained models in Keras. Links to first two posts are given below : Keras Tutorial : Using pre-trained Imagenet models Keras Tutorial : Transfer Learning using pre-trained models In the previous two posts, we learned how to use pre-trained models and how to extract features from them for […]

OpenCV Transparent API

A master wordsmith can tell a heart breaking story in just a few words. For sale: baby shoes, never worn. A great artist can do so much with so little! The same holds true for great programmers and engineers. They always seem to eek out that extra ounce of performance from their machines. This is […]

Face Reconstruction using EigenFaces (C++/Python)

In this post, we will learn how to reconstruct a face using EigenFaces. This post is written for beginners. If you don’t know about Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or EigenFaces, I recommend you go through the following posts in the series. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) EigenFace using OpenCV (C++/Python) What are EigenFaces? In our previous […]

Eigenface using OpenCV (C++/Python)

In this post, we will learn about Eigenface — an application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for human faces.  We will also share C++ and Python code written using OpenCV to explain the concept. The video below shows a demo of EigenFaces. The code for the application shown in the video is shared in this […]

Principal Component Analysis

In this post, we will learn about Principal Component Analysis (PCA) — a popular dimensionality reduction technique in Machine Learning. Our goal is to form an intuitive understanding of PCA without going into all the mathematical details. At the time of writing this post, the population of the United States is roughly 325 million. You […]

Keras Tutorial : Using pre-trained Imagenet models

In our previous posts on Deep Learning, we discussed Installation of major deep learning frameworks Basics of Keras Feedforward Neural Networks Convolutional Neural Networks and how to train them on small datasets. Next, we will learn how to use pre-trained models trained on large datasets like ILSVRC, and also learn how to use them for […]