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Palindrome Number program in C++

Def : The number   that remain  same after reverse. For example 424, 64546, 343, 818are the palindrome numbers. Steps to find Palindrome Number  in C++ : Get Number from user Save number in temporary variable Reverse the whole  number Compare the Stored and new reversed number If result is true then both are same numbers   […]

Prime Number Program in C++

Prime Number Program in C++ Def :  The number that is divided by 1 or itself  and always greater than 1 . It can also be defined as the number which can are only divisional to 1. For example 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23  are the prime numbers. Here we will […]

HAAR Casade in Opnecv C++ and Python

HAAR is well known and famous face detection algorithm.Haar classifier is effective way for face detection. It is learning based algorithm where a training data is feeded which hundreds of positive and negative images. Initially a big number of positive images (images with face) and negative images (images without face) are used to train the […]