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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a 5.8inch smart and stunning design, powerful processor, excellent display and an impressive camera make it the best Android phone to date.

However one of the issue which found in Samsung Galaxy S8 is battery life which is lower than its previous released version S7. Incredible design , brilliant display and camera makes this phone more competitive and expensive than other similar models.

Due to ultra edge design Samsung Galaxy S8 looks great in hand. It’s  design is slim, smooth and light in size. Long design of phone causing one main issue while unlocking phone it tool extra time than usual to unlockk phone.It used  rear fingerprint sensor  to unlock phone which cause user a great  struggle to reach the home button without readjusting your grip. Grasp the device so you can reach the home button, however, and icons at the top of the screen become unreachable.

Samsung Galaxy S8 come with a great camera. S8 has 12MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera.The triple-frame capture makes more of a difference in low-light photography, where there’s significantly less smearing and far more contrast and detail than with the S7’s camera. It still isn’t as good as the results we’ve seen from the Google Pixel, but you definitely won’t be disappointed by the results.

Along with other features S8 main and strong future is good phone security. It provides all features to lock your phone safely. Galaxy S8 has 6 security ways Fingerprint , Facial recognition,Iris scanner, Pattern, PIN and Smart Lock.

Samsung Galaxy S8 fastest and most advanced internal design which makes its performance much better than its competitive models. Galaxy S8 processor is 2.3GHz octacore Samsung Exynos 8895 / Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 where as US handsets are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. These processor , camera and design qualities make Galaxy S8 sexy and classy phone.


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