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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2017)

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a phone that’s got me hot under the collar. It’s another evolutionary step forward in the way we’re going to be using phones, right?

I mean, it has to be. The rounded spine, with the screen curving away and tucking itself under the chassis, is surely the blueprint for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

Well, that is, assuming the idea of a curved display on one side isn’t a novelty and redundant beyond being a clever marketing gimmick, of course.

And it needs to be more than that. Early prices seem to have the Note Edge at around £50 more than the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with the curved model costing a huge £640 if you shop around, while the £700 RRP is even more wallet bothering. Is the curved screen worth it?

Of course there’s more on offer here that makes the Edge a really promising device: a huge 5.7-inch QHD (1440 x 2560) screen even without the curved spine is really pleasant to look at.

That’s also coupled with Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology, which again makes the Note range the best phone screen I’ve seen on the market.

The camera is improved, the S Pen is starting to show glimmers of offering really useful functionality to the average consumer (not just the business warrior hell-bent on dropping the notepad) and the raw power of the Snapdragon 805 chipset (or the octacore Exynos option from Samsung) means this phablet can go on, and on, and on.

And while Samsung unquestionably created the phablet market, it’s now got some serious competition to contend with. Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus is some people’s idea of ‘the only large phone’ on the market, and the Google Nexus 6, while not mega-cheap as before, is still a very well specified device without the need for bells and whistles.


Samsung’s also facing a profits slide that it’s desperate to arrest, and that will only be achieved through going back into its R&D labs, putting on a stylish thinking cap, and coming up with something truly innovative that wows the public.

Last year’s Galaxy Round, the brand’s first curved display in a phone, was a step towards that but didn’t really do much beyond, well, being a bit curved. The Note Edge combines an innovative design with actual real-life usage, which means it could be more of a hit than Samsung’s other novelties and now that LG’s announced the G Flex 2 it really looks like curved screens could be here to stay.


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