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iPhone 8 facing battery swelling issue on charging in some phones

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2017)

iPhone 8 battery  swelling problem:

Apple is facing iPhone 8 battery problem in some phones, and it’s no longer clear but whether it’s occurring in just a handful of edge instances or in a larger batch of phones.

From last few weeks reports have been coming out about iPhone 8s batteries are swelling and facing  malfunctioned issue while charging.Apple also confirmed that they are  looking  the matter very serious , and it’s still far too early to say exactly what’s going on. The problem isn’t going away, however, and we now have our first report of a swollen battery incident that affected an iPhone 8 in the US.This problem was first reported in Taiwan when a lady  posted  her  iPhone 8 Plus had swallowed while it was charging. She also confirmed that she was using original Apple charger and cable that came in the packing box. News agencies in Taiwan reported that the local mobile carrier had taken the iPhone back and passed it on to Apple for investigation.

Similarly  another iPhone 8 Plus user from  Japan tweeted pictures of his device, showing the bowing in the screen and how it separated from the main chassis. At time almost seven countries have  registered problems which are Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Greece and Canada.

Apple says that they are looking into this issue. Glaringly, if instances maintain to crop up then you definitely would count on a extra formal assertion. In the meantime, if you note any unusual bending, bowing, or warmth affecting your iPhone eight or eight plus then we suggest taking it to an apple keep to have it checked out.

As this issue is  from few weeks and very few issues are reported so it is useless so say anything before time and formal answers from Apple because when new products are launched few issues can be expected which are also in  small ratio so that does’t seem big issue till now. So keep buying and enjoying iPhone 8 few reports does’t mean all products are faulty so make you mind clear.


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