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White Screen issue in WordPress

How to fix White Screen issue in WordPress

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2017)

White Screen issue in WordPress:

If you are WordPress developer or user you must know famous white screen issue in WordPress. The white screen of death is one of the irritating problem in WordPress. White screen problem is quite annoying because it locks the admin panel and no clue is left to fix it and return to normal state. White screen issue occurs in different phases it not always effect the whole website. Some time it attack only on admin panel and completely lock the panel but site works normally. In some cases it effect on a single post and that post show white screen rest remains active and good. In this article we will discuss how to fix the WordPress white screen of death with different ways. Below are few of the issues and their solution which can cause WordPress white screen.


Hosting Problem:

Some time hosting cause white screen issue on WordPress website. If you have multiple domains and all domains are facing white screen issue than for sure that is hosting problem. If issue is only with one domain then it is issue with that site only that can be due to some plugin, bad theme code or memory issue.

Crossing memory limit:

This is also reason for white screen in WordPress. If you are crossing memory limit manually or it is done by any plugin than that can cause White Screen of Death. Try to deactivate recently installed plug in to fix this issue.

Disabling All Plugins:

This is one of the quickest way to fix this. Just deactivate all plugins on WordPress website fix the issue.

Set the website to default theme:

If nothing is on white screen fixing just backup your whole site and set the website to default theme which is mostly twenty ten.

Reinstall WordPress :

This is also way to fix white screen to death issue in WordPress. Just reinstall WordPress to your site and


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